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This packet is designed to assist your attorney in creating an estate plan that will best fit your desired estate distribution. All of the information in this worksheet will help determine what documents you need, and what documents you don’t need. Typical estates will consist of a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Living Will. Other documents may also be needed to ensure easy transfer of assets, such as a Trust, and Beneficiary Deeds, which your attorney will discuss with you. Please complete this worksheet in as much detail as possible, reading each section carefully. Your attorney will advise you on the possible ways to set up an estate to achieve the goals you desire, so long as those are within the legal authority of Missouri law. If you have assets, including life insurance, 401k and/or IRA accounts, and multiple heirs, a “Revocable Living Trust” may be most appropriate. For married couples, a separate Trust for each can be created and may make most sense, though for many a “family” trust will suffice.

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